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Spelling S.U.C.C.E.S.S with Social Media Trends

Spelling S.U.C.C.E.S.S with Social Media Trends

February 24, 2018

As an Interactive Media Management Professional, you have infinite resources at your fingertips to brand yourself. You cannot afford to not do this.  The key in what platforms you choose to adapt to showcase your talents and build your network. Social Media has quickly become an essential tool for individuals or businesses to promote and connect with the masses

Albert Costill in the website search engine journal gives us a  statistics about the presence of social media in our daily lives. He says that:

  • 8 out of 10 users are reached by social media sites and blogs.
  • After devoting 6 hours per week in social media, marketers saw an increase of 74% in their website traffic.
  • Social Media has helped 87% of small businesses.
  • 85% of business-decision makers believe that at least having one social media channel is very important for technology purchase decisions.

Though social media has become the key source of showcasing brands and branding yourself in this fast-paced world, a professional should always find the pros and cons of using each platform and choose wisely on what fits best. As an interactive media management professional, I would choose Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as platforms to brand myself. Let’s take a look at each of them individually and find out how it helps to build a network and to showcase your talent in the social media.

As a person who loves photography, I would love to use Instagram as a platform for creating a photography portfolio. Anthony Carranza, Digital Journalist & Contributor examiner, in an article for the social media today says that telling your own story is definitely start and being original too helps you in making your task easier to get followers. While using Instagram the main tips to remember are :

  • Understanding your brand’s audience
  • Create and follow a theme for your content and be consistent
  • Give your followers a reason to want to follow you or your brand on Instagram
  • Tell an interesting brand story through images and captions. And also engage with your followers by commenting, liking their posts and following them back.

Instagram has also started a new feature of embedding Instagram videos on your blog or website. This also helps in extending and reaching out to a wider audience. Using hashtags has also become a huge criterion for a good organic exposure.

LinkedIn is one of the leading business-focused social media networking sites with more than 238 million users. LinkedIn is a social media platform to describe who you are and what makes you unique. The beginners guide to social media says that LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for generating B2B leads, with nearly three times the conversion rate of Facebook or Twitter. Few best practices to follow on LinkedIn are

  • Make sure you update your profile and include details that will make a prospective client want to work with you.
  • Connect with all your contacts. The more contacts you have, the more secondary connections you will make, which allows you to expand your network.
  • Don’t just connect with individuals on your list, follow company pages of businesses you want to build a relationship with.
  • Use LinkedIn as a search engine. Search for companies you are interested in, and then find out who the key personnel is. Once you find the right person, send them an email via LinkedIn. Often a message via LinkedIn comes off as warmer than a regular email.

Targeting capabilities on LinkedIn ensure that your content reaches the right audience in an organic way through LinkedIn members’ feeds. Once you identify the best strategies to reach your audience with content, you can grow your professional network and attract more customers.

I think the catchphrase of Twitter should be ‘First impression counts’. The most important thing about Twitter is to create a Twitter profile that attracts more followers and gives people a compelling reason to follow your business. In a nutshell, your Twitter profile should bring your business to life. According to the best business practices given on the Twitter website, here is a rundown on how to make the best out of Twitter.

  • Create tweets that resonate. Combing useful and exciting content with an engaging tone to emotionally connect with your audience is the most important part of tweeting.
  • Keeping tweets short and sweet so they can be consumed easily anywhere. A recent report by buddy media reveals that tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.
  • Tweeting often is also a successful business attribute. A good rule is to have three to five tweets a day.
  • Following your interest is a great way to discover compelling content and inspiring ideas for your own tweets.

To sum it all up, Time is of the essence. Social media platforms are the easiest way to ask your audience for something specific and track their responses first hand. Whether you’ve been in the field for a while and are gaining ground or building your social media presence from the ground up, tapping into the current social media trends and following their best business practices will help strengthen your online presence.

Below are a few reference links that helped me understand the best business practices of social media websites and how it helps in branding myself.

[Link01] | [Link02] | [Link03] | [Link04] | [Link05][Link06][Link07][Link08]


Anthony Carranza on August 14, 2018 AT 06 am

Hello! Thanks for mention. I am glad the article on social media today was useful for your blog post. Have a great one!

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